Lucy and Nathaniel


A modern duo with omnivorous taste,

Combining a love of weird humor with committed communication and fearless generosity.

Specific, authentic, fun performances.


Smoke and Distance by Tonia Ko; September 2018 at Resonant Bodies Festival

Northeast Reservation Lines by Hayes Biggs; May 2017


Presenting works by Thomas Adès, Tonia Ko, Shawn Jaeger, Scott Wollschleger, Sky Macklay, Anna Thorvaldsdottir, and Ted Hearne, among others.



Since 1500

The deep past, almost as unknowable as the future, teases us with musical mysteries. Romantic notions of the “purity” of early music obscure its social, sacramental, and storytelling functions. We wish to bring to our audience the excitement of glittering polyphony and the rhapsody of unaccompanied singing. We wish to transport a modern crowd to a mystical place, out of time. Since 1500 celebrates musical chant, hocket, organum, and isorhythm in both ancient and contemporary music. Sacred chants by Pauline Oliveros and an unknown 13th-century singer-composer rub elbows with monodies by Guillaume de Machaut, and John Cage. Playful hockets by Meredith Monk and antique cadences by Hayes Biggs delight the ear with unexpected harmonic dance. Since 1500 imagines paths Western music might have taken, if it evolved along different lines.

21st Century Song Salon

Recitals for voice and piano typically offer a cross section of classical song literature in several languages, by several composers, centering around the classic and romantic periods; the songs performed began their lives as poems by the great masters and center around romantic, pastoral, and mythological themes. In our 21st century liederabend, we update this celebrated institution to include songs about mixed messages, stolen elections, and one-night stands with lyrics from a great American playwright, a classic American hymn writer, a poetic internet trollbot, and Stephen King.

Thank You For Waiting

Today’s mindscapes are populated by internet trolls, cute cats, and space-filling, time-killing minutiae. Endless multitasking reshuffles the contents of our day in ridiculous juxtapositions; social media violates privacy and blurs boundaries of professional and personal lives. Thank You For Waiting takes aim at modern life’s urgent meaninglessness, mining the mind-numbing content of an overwired world for accidental gold. These songs about, by, and for the lost, confused, and out of place ponder a new question: what do we think about when almost any curiosity can be satisfied in several clicks?

Wordless Music

Current politics drastically devalue the power of language. Shocking revelations about respected figures vastly erode trust in eloquence and rhetoric. Traumatic atrocities silence nations and erase their stories. Wordless Music mourns the violence done to language itself, yet exults in the human spirit’s persistence in searching for the good. Our program explores the instinct for creating language, and in searching for meaning in all things. In songs sung to no human text, we create new language to sing deeper truths.