“It’s not about the ‘beautiful’ voice; it’s about what the voice can do,” says Lucy Dhegrae, singer and director of the annual Resonant Bodies Festival. Dhegrae founded RBF in 2013 with the idea of “challenging and transforming the role of the vocal recitalist,” not to mention the listening context of the audience.
— Bruce Hodges





Alex Ross review’s Ashley Fure’s opera A Force of Things

Much of the work is eerily spare and quiet, with instruments gravitating toward fragile sustained tones, shivery glissandos, and fractured timbres. The vocalists whisper and breathe into megaphones. When the piece builds to a roar, as it does several times, the impact is all the greater.
— Alex Ross


"Ms. Dhegrae sang with a riveting combination of dramatic volatility and cool command."
New York Times

"...sung with alluring sound and narrative urgency by Lucy Dhegrae."
New York Times

"Soprano and raconteur..."
New Yorker

"Vocal versatility and an omnivorous curiosity..."
New York Times

"...confident... expressive... effective...”
New York Times

"Lucy Dhegrae ... show[ed] wonderful restraint to blend and sometimes hide behind the complicated and thick timbral texture of other voices and instruments that then allowed her most emotional and human moments to pierce through...."
i care if you listen

"I felt that pull and warmth right from the first strummed dulcimer chords that open the first song, Can’t Feel At Home, a feeling that only increased when Lucy Dhegrae began singing with the perfect combination of real feeling, theatricality and classical control.
— An Ear Full

"Dhegrae, who seems to be everywhere new music is being sung, is a particularly strong and versatile performer...”
New York Classical Review

"...emotional... Forceful, resigned, rhapsodic and angry... kept up with the opera's fierce pacing and was convincingly agile in her response to the .. grinding and highly charged direction.... impressive vocal control..."

"... Lucy Dhegrae presented with stunning beauty … her bright bell tones transcended the concrete theater with visions of the heavenly Olympus… her voice truly soared.”
Theatre Scene

“…a seamless, gliding performance that seemed to capture the effervescence… Dhegrae and Pesca performed elegantly and seemed to enjoy the performance along with the audience.”
KDHX St. Louis

"But it was the voice of Lucy Dhegrae which rose above everything. Hers was a vocalise, with lulling sounds rather than words. She sung, yes. But hers was a soprano-alto which almost literally melted through the sounds of the orchestra. I have no doubt Ms. Dhegrae can essay those tours de force which all singers do these days. Yet this was a voice which didn’t need gymnastics. The sounds were pure, sweet, Ms. Evans’s semi-melodies seemed to come out of space, floated, evaporated, started again. It was an experience which transcended the composition itself."