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Been cold a long time - Nathan Heidelberger

a setting of “The Snow Man” by Wallace Stevens
for mezzo soprano, alto flute, and piano, 2013

With Nouveau Classical Project; December 2016

"I find “The Snow Man” striking for the balance that Stevens achieves between the large and the small, between broad philosophical statements and concrete imagery, between sweeping panoramas and close-up details. (...) silence (or near-silence), like a figure dissolving into a wintery landscape." —Nathan Heidelberger


Little Horses - Aaron Copland

Recorded at the Missouri History Museum, August 2016 with Daniel Pesca, piano

"Hush you bye, Don't you cry
Go to sleep little baby
When you wake, you shall have
All the pretty little horses."


Lúa Descolorida - Osvaldo Golijov

Recorded at the Gesher Music Festival, August 2016

"Lúa Descolorida ... defines despair in a way that is simultaneously tender and tragic. The musical setting is a constellation of clearly defined symbols that affirm contradictory things at the same time, becoming in the end a suspended question mark." —Osvaldo Golijov


Waterlines - Christopher Trapani

Waterlines: Five Songs about Storms and Floods (2012)
with Talea Ensemble at Roulette, 26 September 2014, Brooklyn, NY

"The 1927 Mississippi River flood, one of the most destructive natural disasters in American history, coincided with the heyday of commercial recording in the South — a last burst of enterprise before the great depression that fortuitously left us with several great records chronicling the disaster. In the months following Katrina, I began sifting through these old blues and country records for words and sounds that resonated, borrowing sonorities, couplets, and stylistic gestures and assembling them into a project with historical, musicological, and personal dimensions." —Christopher Trapani


The Cold Pane - Shawn Jaeger

A cycle of five songs on poems by Wendell Berry
soprano and chamber ensemble (clarinet in B-flat, mandolin, violin, double bass— here, Contemporaneous)

I. It Is Almost Spring Again
II. The Cold Pane
III. Raindrops
IV. The Widower
V. Again